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....As a Matter of fact,

black is an excelent color for heat.

6/3/08 03:09 pm - haruki_emishi - Chapter 2

Title And That is Chaos Theory
Author: </a></a>haruki_emishi
Fandom: </b>Jurassic Park
Pairing: Ian/Alan
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: The 2nd chapter to this very strange little ficlet.

5/29/08 02:33 am - haruki_emishi

Hello there all of you how is it going? I have never actually done any Jurassic Park fanfiction in my life. Though I have many sad attempts sitting in notebooks here at home. My friend had this request and I thought I would get it over with properly, and create a good pairing.

....Let's just hope I can do it right? lol

Title: And that my friend is Chaos Theory. (Pending title)
Author: </a></a>haruki_emishi
Fandom: </b>Jurassic Park
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Pairing: Will be Ian/Alan but, right now it is all introduction to the story it's self.
Summary: Dr. Malcolm had to ask himself why he got himself back into this mess. However, with their rescue taking a few hours longer than it should, he and Dr. Grant share a few interesting words while being stuck inside a secured facility.
Warnings:  If you do NOT like slash...please don't read.
Author's Notes: This is as I said my first time writing for this at all. I am also rather nervous about the whole thing so please try to be kind.


4/22/08 09:24 pm - katintheroses - one shot Ian/Richard

just finished reading both books....I'm kind of proud of myself....it only took me four days to read both...considering how little I've been reading lately, I was surprised by how into the books I got. I obsessed over them....

So anyway, I finished the second book about an hour ago, and then I almost immediately sat down and wrote this while it was still fresh in my mind. I had another one floating around in my brain, from part of the first book. I've lost it now, but i'm sure I'll think of it in a bit.

Anyway, this is my first Jurassic Park fic ever....It's completely un-betaed....i just wrote it and posted it.I should probably go back and proof read it, make some corrections...fix some parks I'm sure suck...but I'm to lazy right now. I'll do it later.

Name:No title as of right now.
Author: katintheroses
Rating: Pg for naughty words
Disclaimer: I don't own Jurassic park, book or movie, or any of the characters or rights that go along with them. I'm simply having fun.
Warnings:Spoilers for the later parts of Lost World The book. Not the movie. and possible OOC-ness, too.
Summary: Takes place towards the end of the book when they're all in the Worker's Village, at the gas station. It's in Kelly's POV. Levine's stupidity bothered me throughout the book, but when he finally came close enough to death to knock him off his high horse...I though I should write something about him apologizing to Malcolm....in true Levine fashion, of course...unhappily.

She had never heard the Doctor apologize for anything he had ever done, but that sounded damn near like an apology to her.Collapse )

4/21/08 07:08 pm - katintheroses - Welcome.....to Jurassic Park....

So I finally read the book "Jurassic Park." It had always been one of my favorite movies, of course, and my favorite character had always been Dr. Ian Malcolm, hands down. So I get around to readin the book, finish it in like, two days, freak out about my all time favorite character 'Dying,' and go "Hey, While I wait for school to roll around so I can get the sequel and find out why he's the main character in that one if he's dead, I'll look up some 'Fiction." So I do.

I find "Alen/Bill," OC's galore, Mary Sue's coming out the Wazoo, "Return to the island" romances between Alen and Statler, and quite a few Malcolm/Statlers running around but....a grand total of Four Ian/another-male-character fics. Needless to say, the lack of Ian slash devastated me. (in case you can't tell by now, I'm a serious slash junkie. I like het pairings just fine, but slash is my drug. Just so.) So I come to Livejournal, where you can find just about anything.

I find comms for Grant/Billy, Jeff Goldblume (cool com, btw) and Ian Malcolm himself (also cool, I poked around) but no slash.

So I rebelled and made my own. I'm so proud of me. :)*sniffs*
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